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Dunk the Owners Day at Oak Park

Wednesday, June 20, 2012, marked a commemorative day for one of our Mills managed communities in North County; Oak Park Apartments. Oak Park began as a lease up community with many challenges (Read: Hard Work Pays Off in Big Ways) and last month they accomplished something monumental: 90% occupancy, and they are currently 92% leased. To accomplish such a task, it takes a dedicated team that communicates and works together day in and day out and strives to overcome all obstacles that stand in their way. As such, this was an achievement that deserved recognition. So the Oak Park owners and Kirk Mills, President of Mills Properties, joined forces and declared: “We Will Be Dunked!” No they didn’t actually say that, but they did allow the Oak Park team to collectively decide on a reward for their achievement. The final decision was to rent a dunk tank and mark June 20th as Dunk the Owners Day. It was a lot of fun despite the June heat and we have the photos and videos to prove it.

Congratulations team Oak Park! You deserved every dunk!

And now for the fun photos!

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Congratulations Oak Park! How great is it to have a team of leaders supporting you enough to allow themselves to be photographed and video recorded under water in a dunk tank? What a great reward for an amazing achievement!

That is awesome, Mills have some amazing owners, Congratulations Lisa and all of Oak Park.

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